The Unit of Molecular Programming and Genetic Toxicology (UMPGT) is interested in the organisation, the stability, the evolution and the expression of the genome of gamma proteobacteria. Studies are developing along four main research axes.
The two first lines of research derive from the study of a complex genetic locus of the model bacterium Escherichia coli K12 (the malB region) and of the corresponding proteins, as well as of highly repetitive sequences initially discovered within this region. The malB region encodes five proteins located in the bacterial envelope. They cooperate to concentrate into the cell a family of sugars, maltose and maltodextrins. Three of these proteins are associated with the inner membrane, where they constitute one of the first discovered ABC transporters (for ATP Binding Cassette) and one of the best understood in molecular terms. These transporters are widespread throughout the living world (over 1500 are presently known) and have extraordinarily varied substrate specificities.

responsible: (Sophie Bachellier)