CyberCell Database (CCDB) was designed to coordinate both the back-filling and on-going experimental studies being conducted on E.coli. The CCDB is a comprehensive repository, Web-accessible database bringing together both observed and derived quantitative data covering most aspects of the genomic, proteomic, and metabonomic characteristics of E.coli. The database self-updates and supports an extensive list of querying and search options. This includes a powerful, easy-to-use relational data extraction system. The CCDB is a composite of four browse able databases:
a.. The main CyberCell database (CCDB - containing gene and protein information; including figures of 2D gels);
b.. The 3D structure database (CC3D - containing information for structural proteomics);
c.. The RNA database (CCRD - containing tRNA and rRNA information);
d.. The metabolite database (CCMD - containing metabolite information).
The supporting utilities for CCDB are written in Perl, HTML and JavaScript. They are available as web version or as flat files.

responsible: (Dave Wishart) (Drell Bottorff)