ECDC    E.coli database collection - ECDC

Release 27

Welcome to ECDC. This collection offers you all information regarding the entire E.coli K12 chromosome, we possibly could get. The collection is searchable in different ways: by a gen/sequence map, scrolling different tables or just by search for a keyword.

3 ECDC Search engine Searchable index
3 The ECDC map Genetic map of E.coli K12 providing locations of coding or regulatory regions, sequence contigs and location and orientation of EMBL files.
3 Build Complement to any strand the complimentary strand is built.

Homology searches on ECDC contigs:
3 Fasta E.coli Fasta search engine
3 Blast E.coli Blast search engine

Different tables of ECDC data:
3 Genes 9 subsets of E.coli genes, sorted by name.
3 ORFs 8 subsets of putative open reading frames.
3 Regulatory regions Regulatory regions (e.g. bending, attachment sites)
3 Promoters Promoters.
3 Terminators Transcription terminators and other hairpin loops.
3 IS-elements Transposable elements.
3 tRNAs Described tRNAs.
3 rRNAs Ribosomal RNAs.
3 Mapped EMBL entries 6 subsets of EMBL entries providing E.coli data sorted by AccNr.
3 Unmapped EMBL entries EMBL entries containing still unmapped E.coli sequences

Links to other databases related to the Escherichia coli K12 systematic sequencing project.

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