Michael Düren

Professor for experimental physics at the Justus Liebig University Giessen



Michael Düren studied Physics at the RWTH in Aachen, Germany and obtained his PhD in 1987 in the field of particle physics. After being a postdoc at the Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg,he habiltated at the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, was interim professor at the University Bayreuth and, since 2001, he is full professor for experimental physics at the JLU Giessen. Since 1988, he is member of the Energy Working Group at the German Physics Society. In 2006, he was co-founder of the interdisciplinary SEPA working group (Solar Energy Partnership Africa-Europe) at the Univ. Giessen and in 2008 co-founder of the DESERTEC foundation. Since July 2011, he is coordinator of the DESERTEC Academic Network.

Research topics:

Measurment of the spin structure of quarks in the proton

Development of novel Cherenkov detectors

Measurement of the luminosity of LHC at ATLAS

Coordinator of the academic network of the DESERTEC foundation

Experiments and working groups:

ATLAS at CERN in Geneva

PANDA at FAIR in Darmstadt

HERMES at DESY in Hamburg

SEPA Solar energie partnership with Africa

Desertec Foundation

Desertec University Network

Institute Homepage: www.uni-giessen.de/cms/dueren


DESERTEC and beyond - „Energiewende“ world wide? Talk at EST2015, Energy, Science and Technology, May 2015

Prof. Düren is JLU-Expert of the month February 2013

DESERTEC: Clean Power From Deserts (published in Green, Vol. 1 (2011), pp. 263–275)

Four steps towards DESERTEC  Capital Finance International (Winter 2012/2013, p. 32)

Solar Farming in Africa - green electricity powered by the sun: (Talk at Deutsche Bank, Intelligence Squared: Tomorrow's Horizons, London 2012, see also my CARTOON)

Das Higgs-Teilchen und der Rest der Welt: Introduction to the Higgs particle (in German) (SdF, 2012)
Higgs & Co - Die Entdeckung eines neuen Teilchens bei höchsten Energien (Saturday Physics for the General Public in German, 2013)

Achtung Hochspannung! Was ist Strom und wo kommt er her? Transparencies and Video recording (Children‘s University at JLU Giessen, 2012)


SolarBridge - Bridge between Africa and Europe


Prof. Dr. Michael Dueren

II. Phys.Inst., Univ. Giessen

Heinrich-Buff-Ring 16, 35392 Giessen/Germany

Phone: (++49)(641)99-33220, Secr.: 99-33221,  Fax: 99-33229
E-Mail: Michael.Dueren@uni-giessen.de